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Emailing Onetribe

Email is the best way to reach us, and often will result in a faster response. When filling out the form below, please include relevant information such as your order number if you are asking about an order status, or the size of your piercing if asking about a quote. If you are requesting a quote, it may take us a couple of days to compile our labor/material costs.  Piercers/shops please note: Onetribe is a retail only company, we do not wholesale.

Calling Onetribe

If you need something and you'd prefer to speak with us in person rather than email, please don't hesitate to pick up the phone and call! We spend most of our time either in the workshop or filling orders, so if you reach our voicemail, please leave one detailed message and we will call you back!

Phone: 804.230.4480 (12pm-4pm EST Monday-Friday) :: We know they're short hours, but don't be afraid to leave a message!

Visiting Onetribe

I am happy to accept visitors to our workshop to discuss custom work and view materials by appointment. We no longer have a retail showroom (we have no jewelry on display) but are happy to give workshop tours or speak with you about placing a custom order. Local customers are of course permitted to stop by and pick up orders in lieu of having them shipped. Please respect our production time by getting in touch and scheduling your visit. Call us at 804.230.4480 or use the contact form above to get in touch.