Specimen Coins: A new way to collect stones

Specimen Coins

I joke that I started my first business in second grade, when I made a habit of selling stones I had found around our apartment complex to the other neighborhood children. My love for stones continues to this day, and I've spent the past 14 years studying humanity's relationship with stone, teaching others about this fascinating history, and creating jewelry from natural materials.

I've realized during this time that many of the stones that I and my customers love are not often collected. Unlike the crystals popular with collectors, most agates, jaspers, jades, and others stones form in erratic sizes and tend to show their beauty only when opened to reveal the natural colors and patterns hidden within.

For these reasons I have created Lithicoin. Lithicoins enable rock collectors to easily collect, store, and trade visually striking samples of stone. The coins are hand carved into a uniform shape, making them easy to store stacked in a tube or in flat binder pages. An ideal format for materials with light play and translucency, these natural specimens also make fantastic reference material for stone identification, as well as pattern and color reference for artists and jewelers.


Amber Specimen Coin

I am hard at work on this unique new concept and these pieces will be an exciting addition to our line for 2017. Because I wish to present a wide array of them in a clean format and retain every sold coin on the website to serve as a material encyclopedia, I am building a separate store to house Specimen Coins and related materials for sale.

I just finished a signup form so you can be notified when the new store launches, and I'll also give away coins to three folks on that list when the project is live.

Sign up here: http://specimencoins.com

Return Policy

We want you to be happy with your purchase! If you can't wear our jewelry, then we've our wasted precious time and material, and nobody is happy. Contact us immediately about any issues and we'll see what we can do for you.

Our products are shipped sealed in clear plastic, and it's possible view all aspects of the jewelry without opening this plastic. Please examine your jewelry closely. Once you open the plastic, we can no longer accept a return or exchange. No exceptions.

If your jewelry arrives damaged, that's on us.

We will replace (if possible), substitute (with your permission), or refund (last resort) your order.

If your jewelry was made with the wrong specifications, and the specifications you provided meet our sizing guidelines, we'll make it right.

However, we cannot be held responsible for misunderstandings related to size conversions or how to measure wearing length or flare sizes. We provide a size guide on each product page for your convenience.

If your jewelry is not to your liking aesthetically, let's talk.

Please understand that we are working with natural materials that vary in color, pattern, and texture not just between tree to tree or stone to stone, but within the same piece of material. We take detailed product photos, and clearly explain each piece. We encourage you to learn about the materials and styles, and ask any questions you might have. We cannot promise very specific color requests, patterns, etc. If we have not disclosed something, or we come to agree that we have not accurately described what you've purchased, we will work with you to make it right.

Restocking Fee

We charge a restocking fee on pieces we have made to your specifications. We are open to reducing the restocking fee on returns if you opt for store credit rather than a refund.

For stocked and made-to-order items without custom specifications there is no fee!

For made-to-order items with custom specifications and custom orders cancelled before completion the fee is 20% of the jewelry cost.

The fee for custom specifications and custom orders is because the jewelry was made to fit you specifically, and/or because we have corresponded, booked time in our custom queue, done sketches, cut and prepared materials, etc.

Jewelry Damage/Replacement

We guarantee our jewelry to be free from manufacturing defects, but we can make no guarantees about materials due to the unpredictability of natural materials. If there is an issue resulting from the production process (workmanship) we'll make it right and repair or replace as necessary.

Once jewelry has been removed from our sealed plastic packaging, we have no control over the storage conditions or handling of your jewelry, and we cannot be held responsible for any damage.

If your jewelry requires basic repairs due to accidental damage, we're happy to work with you to make sure you have something wearable. We will, at our discretion, and at no cost to you, repair by means of sanding, shaping, or polishing to make a piece safe to wear. This may not "fix" aesthetic issues but will remove sharp edges. Shipping both ways is your responsibility.

If your jewelry cannot be repaired, we're happy to work with you on options for replacement.