Why "Onetribe"?

Ten years ago, Onetribe was started with the underlying idea that throughout nearly every culture on the planet, body modification is one thing that crosses social, cultural, financial - virtually all boundaries within human society. The act of modifying the self appears to be one of the uniquely "human" characteristics of our species, and we find this to be a beautiful and very interesting concept. We may have different views, different skin colors, different ways of life, but the idea of decorating ourselves and the created environment around us - the human concept of beauty - is a very powerful unifying force. Onetribe exists for this reason. We are all of one tribe, and beauty is our underlying language.

What makes Onetribe's jewelry different?

We were born creators. We are a small group of makers from many backgrounds with a common thread - we are literally obsessed with using our hands to create beautiful objects to decorate the human body. We are inspired by the rich cultural history of humanity and the beauty and wonder of the natural environment around us to create adornment objects that we find beautiful. As individuals, we all firmly believe that body jewelry - jewelry that one must physically change their body to wear - is something very special and we are very serious about the design and creation of these functional objects of beauty. We do not use artificial materials masquerading as natural, and we do not believe in the mass production of body adornment jewelry. We aim to create objects to be coveted and passed down through the generations, hopefully to be found in a thousand years and admired just as the objects in our tribal antiquities collection appeal to us now.

It is part of our company focus to remain innovative in our field. We were the first natural body jewelry company in the world to completely remove chemical adhesives from our multi-material products and focus on creating pieces made from natural materials with true fine jewelry settings that will last a lifetime (or more) if properly cared for. We regularly explore new materials, and using materials in new ways not yet seen in body jewelry. We are not interested in appealing to the largest market - our customers are unique individuals that appreciate a company with a story and a stance. People that are interested in culture and history, the natural world and the beautiful textures and colors around us, and the idea that a purchase can mean more than just an exchange of money. Our customers vote for what they believe in with their purchases, and we are continually reminded that what our customers believe in is passion, innovation, and respect for people and the environment. We adore our customers and are very thankful that we are able to spend our lives creating.

If you believe as we do that beauty is humanity's underlying language, and that we can both record our history and invent our future through creativity and passion, we invite you to join us on our journey.