We are in business for a simple reason: we love body jewelry and the rich history of body adornment. We respect and admire those who have chosen (like ourselves) to modify their bodies to suit their own personal style, and it is our mission to provide innovative and beautiful jewelry for that journey. Our favorite materials to work are natural materials with unique colors, textures, and character. We particularly enjoy making one of a kind and custom pieces, and think that technical stone carving and building mixed-media work is a ton of fun. We've also done several historical reproductions of ancient jewelry.

Onetribe makes fine jewelry with safe materials, natural gemstones, and hardware-affixed stone settings for our inlays. We do not use glues or any dyed or man-made materials. We believe it’s the right way to make things, and we have over 11 years of hands-on experience behind our work.

In addition to creating our own unique jewelry, Onetribe curates a retail collection of handmade body jewelry from vendors that we personally know and trust. These are people we have laughed with, gone on adventures with, and admire for their talents in jewelry design and production. Onetribe does many things well, but there are some things that we do not do, or that others are doing well enough that we prefer to complement and collaborate rather than compete. We select unique and interesting designs from our trusted vendors, and we also collaborate with those vendors on pieces exclusive to Onetribe. This allows us time to play with our friends while exhibiting the best the industry has to offer, from independent makers to well known brands.